[Re-devel] baresip 0.5.0 video / sdp / bw

patj patj at passpackets.com
Mon Jan 16 19:01:42 CET 2017

I’ve built baresip 0.5.0 from source on OS X and Linux, and have video display+camera pipelines working.  I can register, dial and have NAT traversal functioning properly.

However, when I dial other video devices, the negotiated resolution, bit rate don’t seem to match what I’m expecting.  I’d like to set up a 720p HD stream calling another video endpoint, or bridge. I can generally originate 720p at near 5-10fps (not 30), and I will always receive a 160x90 stream at 30fps (not 1280x720).

I am guessing I am missing a bitrate parameter somewhere that baresip will use to signal call setup, or maybe a profile-level-id in SDP.  Any thoughts?

My .config:

# Video
#video_source           avcapture,nil
#video_display          opengl,nil
video_size              1280x720
video_bitrate           2000000
video_fps               25

# AVT - Audio/Video Transport
rtp_tos                 184
#rtp_ports              10000-20000
#rtp_bandwidth          512-1024 # [kbit/s]
rtp_bandwidth           2000
rtcp_enable             yes
rtcp_mux                no
jitter_buffer_delay     5-10            # frames
rtp_stats               no
#rtp_timeout            60

Call log:

call: connecting to 'sip:patj at linklocal.net;transport=tcp <sip:patj at linklocal.net;transport=tcp>'..
call: SIP Progress: 100 Trying (/)
call: SIP Progress: 180 Ringing (/)
audio: Set audio decoder: opus 48000Hz 2ch
audio: Set audio encoder: opus 48000Hz 2ch
audio tx pipeline:   coreaudio ---> vumeter ---> opus
audio rx pipeline:   coreaudio <--- vumeter <--- opus
Set video encoder: H264 packetization-mode=0 (2000000 bit/s, 25 fps)
Set video decoder: H264 packetization-mode=0
patj at collab.engineer <mailto:patj at collab.engineer>: Call established: sip:patj at linklocal.net;transport=tcp <sip:patj at linklocal.net;transport=tcp>
Audio decoder changed payload 114 -> 96                     [                ]
x264 [warning]: frame MB size (80x45) > level limit (396)
x264 [warning]: DPB size (1 frames, 3600 mbs) > level limit (0 frames, 2376 mbs)
x264 [warning]: MB rate (90000) > level limit (6000)

Appreciate any thoughts!  


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