[Re-devel] Adding video to an established audio call

Gary Metalle gary.metalle at rvl.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 14:40:48 CET 2016



I've noticed a problem with video calls that I don't remember seeing
before in that if you make an audio only call either to or from baresip
and try to add video when the call is established, it never works?


If you make a video call but then put the call on hold/resume then video
is disabled and enabled again as expected, so that part works ok.


I've tried this with a Bria softphone and also Linphone and with a
slightly out-of-date version 0.4.17 Baresip. Video works ok if you make
a video call from the outset, just not if you click on the 'enable
video' or 'start sending my cam' button.


Baresip seems to get the REINVITE and knows that video should be turned


101 at Call established: sip:108 at 

call: video stream is disabled..

call: got re-INVITE (SDP Offer)eo=0/0 (bit/s) efps=0/0  

Set video encoder: H264 packetization-mode=0 (500000 bit/s, 25 fps)

avcodec: video encoder H264: 25 fps, 500000 bit/s, pktsize=1024

Set video decoder: H264 packetization-mode=0) efps=0/0  

avcodec: video decoder H264 (profile-level-id=42801F)

sip:108 at session closed: Connection reset by peer




Gary Metalle

Embedded Software Engineer


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