[Re-devel] Using baresip libbaresip.so library

usha aradhya usha.aradhya7101 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 06:51:02 CET 2016


I want use baresip library libbaresip.so by invoking some api's. I want to
write a wrapper c function to invoke these apis, example

int main()
    init_baresip(); /*This function does action of main function in baresip
- until "baresip is ready" statement*/
   create_useragent(); /*This function ideally call create_ua()
(modules/menu/menu.c) */

since the main function in src/main.c has err=re_main(signal_handler),
waits for a signal to interrupt. But since i'm using library how would i
send this signal . If i comment this out i lose the context that are
created as part of main function and results in error for create_ua

Please guide me how to use baresip api to do all that functionality
"baresip" executable is able to do with CLI.

Thanks & Regards,
Usha Aradhya
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